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As you have no doubt seen, our importer’s distribution fell through thanks to Covid-19 leaving us with a 1000-cases-of-wine problem to solve. That is 6000 bottles of Prosecco. No labels. No homes to call their own. 

2020 has wreaked havoc on so many of us. But, as a small winery, we still have to figure out what to do with all this sparkling wine. We can’t drink it all ourselves. Lord knows, we’ve tried.  

So we are opening it up to you, the creatives of the world.

To design the front label. Get as many people to vote as possible. And get the word out so people pre-order cases of these 6000 bottles of Prosecco. The more people buy, the higher the reward for the winning designer and 2nd and 3rd runners-up. We need a minimum pre-order of 150 cases of 6 bottles to make this project viable.

The top ten designers all win wine because we love to share and honestly, wining beats whining.

We named the project “The 6000 Project” and the design theme is simple: 

Don’t think “wine world”. Think your world. 

Let your mind wander free. Design the Prosecco label you’d be proud to open with friends and family. What’s inside is already extraordinary.

The only thing we ask is that you stay within the required parameters described in the Technical Specifications 

How The 6000 Project Works

At A Minimum

The project’s success depends on how many bottles are pre-sold. The minimum amount to make the project viable is 900 bottles (150 cases X 6 bottles).


This is a break-even project for us. Success means we pass any profits on to the amazing creatives that help us with the process. These rewards are listed below.

Pop The Prosecco

Of course, beneath the turmoil and challenges are our grapes, and our prosecco. Read more About The Wine.


The reward for the Winner, 2nd, and 3rd places will depend on the number of cases we manage to pre-sell through August 16, 2020. The more people buy, the higher the compensation! 

Furthermore, we will reward the top 10 finalists with a case of the wine (6 bottles) when it is released.

Financial Reward based on number of pre-sold cases


2nd Place

3rd Place

Number of Cases

150 - 199

€ 500

€ 250

€ 200

200 - 249

€ 700

€ 350

€ 250

250 - 349

€ 1,000

€ 550

€ 300

350 - 499

€ 1,400

€ 850

€ 500

500 - 699

€ 1,900

€ 1,150

€ 750

700 - 849

€ 2,500

€ 1,550

€ 1,100

850 - 999

€ 3,100

€ 2,000

€ 1,500


€ 3,500

€ 2,400

€ 1,900

1 case = 6 bottles of wine

The minimum quantity to kick off the project is 150 cases of 6 bottles. After that, the reward increases as shown in the table above. Orders won’t be charged until we hit the minimum.

Calling Creatives: our graphic and technical specifications

We can’t wait to work with you and see what you create. Please read through our technical requirements before you get started - all the information is in one place, please click here to view.


The most important deadline is July 19, 2020, by when all artwork needs to be in. 

The rest of the deadlines are defined in the Full Project Description.

Read our Legal Notes for the Design Competition here 

Contact us at for more information.

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