What The Winners Choice Says About What We Want

When things started to get tough, we started to daydream about a chaotically perfect scenario where people surround themselves by their friends and loved ones, sitting around a table sharing a moment of joy while eating, drinking, laughing, and chatting. That is still our dream!

For that moment, we wanted to put a bottle of our Prosecco on people’s tables, one that would speak to them, that would help them feel more connected, but most importantly, that would help start a conversation to create more happy memories.

After 74 amazing designs, and almost 3500 unique votes, the people have voiced not only their preferences, but mostly their state of mind, how they feel, and how they would like to feel when the year ends.

The three finalists represent a wide range of feelings that we can all relate to, and they all tell a story about the different depths and layers of our emotions this year.

We want to feel hopeful by restarting and pushing that invisible “Refresh” button to help us cope and move on with life. We also often want to say, “Fuck You 2020!” and release our frustrations by showing a “Middle Finger” to it, but we also want to protect ourselves and live “In A Bubble” where everything is perfect.

Here's to letting go of the hard emotions of 2020, to feeling more hopeful, and to moving on, with a “Refresh”-ed sense and appreciation for life! That’s what most of you voted for! 

Now, let's spread more hope by putting a bottle of "Refresh"-ed Prosecco on everyone's tables! The limit is 6000 bottles! Go and buy your case here!


Congratulations to all three designers and thank you to everyone who submitted designs, participated by voting and sharing, and bought the wines without knowing what label would win the competition! We really appreciate your support! 

Thank you!

Reka & Pier