About The Wine

 Sfriso Winery vineyard

Consumption Occasions: The Most Important Thing

Aperitifs, happy moments, celebrations, on rooftops, by the pool, on your terrace, hanging out in the garden, after a long day at work, while cooking, when this year is over! Clearly not an exhaustive list. We look forward to adding to it with you.

Why Be Conventional When You Can Be Unique?

With Sfriso Prosecco, we have strived to distinguish ourselves from the huge numbers of Proseccos begging for your attention on any supermarket shelves. 

Contrary to most Proseccos you might pick up at the market that only do 30 days of refermentation, our Prosecco matures for eight months in refermentation tanks. While others hurry to bottle their wine, we let ours take its time. The bubbles are more delicate. The taste is fruitier. The texture is more gentle. And the enjoyment factor is off the charts!

The Wine: That Awesomeness That Will Make You Happy 

The sparkling wine inside these 6000 bottles is a refined and elegant Long Charmat Method Prosecco DOC Extra Dry with 8 months of refermentation.

At Sfriso Winery, we use our own grapes to make our wines. As with almost everything we do, this Prosecco is also unconventional.

Quality Classification: Prosecco DOC Spumante Extra Dry

Grapes: 100% Glera grapes from a single vineyard owned by Sfriso Winery

Production Area: Chiarano, in the Province of Treviso, Italy

Alcohol Content: 11,5% vol.

Sugar Residue: 13 gr/l

Bottle Pressure: 5,5 bars

Bottle size: 0,75 l

Ideal Consumption Period: 2020/2022

Serving Temperature: 6/8 °C

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