Who Is Behind The Winning Label?

We asked him to present himself.


My Name is Zahid Anwar, and I go by the Twitter handle @zedtrafficker. I have been part of the One Minute Briefs community for over 4 years now.

I first found One Minute Briefs after I was searching for a place to heal. I had a torrid time as an NHS whistleblower, which affected my mental health and gaining any form of a job opportunity.

When I found this community, I was recovering from a suicide attempt as I felt worthless as a human being, as I was denied job opportunities because I was a whistleblower.

One Minute Briefs helped me rediscover my love for creativity, and found it a great way to repair my mental health issues. I was very nervous at first, as I have a mental scar from trying to find work in the creative industry as an ethnic person.

This is how I ended up in the NHS as I couldn't get a job in advertising. Other whistleblowers and I were part of a group that petitioned parliament for better justice for NHS whistleblowers. We contributed towards the Francis review, which found that all NHS whistleblowers were victimised, and part of the review was that all whistleblowers must be reinstated back into the NHS.

And that's how I found myself back in the NHS; I worked in procurement and scan for safety, where I train doctors and nurses on how to use scanning technology in the operating theatre.

I have always been a creative person, and you find me contributing every day with creativity within One Minute Briefs. I have got better with my ideas, thanks to One Minute Briefs, and I have won many awards and just recently won a chip shop award for my WWF campaign, which can be found at my website zedtrafficker.com.

The latest competition I won was for designing a wine label. I wanted to take an alternative route, as I found from my experience in working shops and stores that labels are quite similar and frankly quite boring.

So I wanted to refresh the notion of what a wine label should be, and after the year we have had in 2020, it would be great that we can all refresh ourselves as rebuilding our society is thirsty work.

Zahid Anwar @zedtrafficker


We are very happy and beyond excited to support Zahid and dress our limited edition Prosecco with his label that carries a positive story to your tables. 

Zahid and the 2nd and 3rd runners up will receive a financial reward for their work and you can support them by buying a case or two of our wine here.


One Minutes Brief ran our #The6000Project brief on June 10, 2020, receiving 340 entries. You can consult all entries here or read the initial brief here. We took the top 10 entries from the 340 to run for the final competition here. 

A special thank you to all #OMBLES who participated! Your daily creativity is nothing short of amazing!